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Title: The Extra Price Nigerians Pay Because They Are Nigerians!
Post by: HoratioCaine on July 24, 2021, 08:57:43 AM
Nigeria is without doubt one of the greatest nations on Earth; the population, the talent, the resources and least we forget the military might that we definitely  had being the only nation in history to single handedly go into a worn torn County, end the war,, restore order and governance and LEAVE.. We did it twice in two different  countries.
Of course, this  is minus Yahoo Yahoo Boys and our leaders. Because of these two sets of people; Nigerians bear a cost in being Nigerians.

Akeem Bankole  lives in Dallas, Texas and frequently uses a shipping service to send things to Nigeria.  He missed their usual weekly deadline and opted to send his items via UPS to the port of exit in New York.
To give some peace of mind to his customer to Nkem , his customer in Lagos, he gave him the tracking number of the UPS shipment from Dallas to New York.
Days later he got a call from his shippers saying UPS was holding onto the shipment as it had been flagged "Suspicious ".
No other information was being given. Akeem was raking at his shippers,  they were beginning to wonder if he was a Yahoo Boy and the customer in Lagos,  Nkem was panicking.  He also had customers to deliver to. Mini importation is big business in Nigeria.
After many calls to UPS, the shippers determined what was wrong: a kind UPS call operator told them that they had noticed that someone in Nigeria had been tracking the shipment and it had thus been flagged suspicious. What????How is tracking an item from Nigeria suspicious? Oh yeah...the Yahoo Boys. Internationally renowned,  featured in hip hop songs and movies, praised on the streets, pursed by the EFCC!
As of Saturday morning, there had been no headway. Akeem now has to find a way to settle Nkem as Nkems customers are eagerly awaiting their package they lawfully paid for.

Nigerians are paying an extra to do business internationally, extra in a big way.