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Author Topic: Female Students Resume Classes In Afghanistan With Demarcation

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Students across Afghanistan have started returning to university classrooms after the Taliban stormed to power. However, in some cases, females have been separated from their male peers by curtains or boards down the middle of the room as shown in these images from the Avicenna University in Kabul.

Photographs shared by Avicenna University, and widely circulated on social media, show a grey curtain running down the centre of the classroom, with female students wearing long robes and head coverings but their faces visible.

It was not immediately clear whether the classroom dividers were the result of a Taliban directive but according to a report by Reuters, teachers and students at universities in Afghanistan's largest cities – Kabul, Kandahar and Herat – say that female students were being segregated in class, taught separately or restricted to certain parts of the campus.

A spokesperson for the Taliban, according to the report, did not comment on the photograph of the segregated class or on what measures were to be put in place at universities by the Taliban, who are yet to form a government three weeks after seizing power. But a senior Taliban official told Reuters that such dividers were "completely acceptable", and that Afghanistan had "limited resources and manpower, so for now it is best to have the same teacher teaching both sides of a class."

Photos: Avicenna University

Source: Guardian Newspaper
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